Taking Green
To New Heights.

Repreve Made the X Games Greener. Thanks to everyone for helping us make X Games Aspen 2013 greener! Our campaign to get the word out to consumers started here. Our sponsorship featured this green beanie, made with 6 recycled plastic bottles. Repreve is what’s in it… that makes it recycled. Together, we’re creating a reprieve for the planet.

Encouraging fans to lighten their impact.
As proud recycling partner for this year’s event, Repreve spread the word, encouraging fans to recycle more. And to choose products made with Repreve recycled fiber. It’s an essential ingredient that makes many products green—including some of your favorite outdoor apparel.

We were on the ground at X Games Aspen, with our recycling

message at X Fest… on people’s heads, with our green beanies, and in the air with Superpipe competitor and Repreve brand ambassador Elena Hight.

Join our green movement. We invite everyone to “Lighten Your Impact” with Repreve. Join others who are making a difference, and learn more on Facebook.


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The Repreve Xtreme Factor.

As proud recycling partner of Winter X Games, we got the word out about Repreve and plastic bottle recycling. See how we got people excited.

Watch the video

Repreve TV Commercial featuring Elena Hight

Watch the video

Repreve X Games Radio Spot

Check out our radio spot… inviting everyone to join our green movement on Facebook!
It’s not too late!

Repreve. It’s what makes your world greener.

Be seen in green.

Repreve is what’s in outdoor sports apparel—that makes it sustainable.


What you wear can make a difference…

When it’s made with Repreve.


Repreve fiber contains recycled materials, including plastic bottles.

When you recycle, lucky bottles get made into Repreve.

Repreve. It’s what’s in a lot of products.
That makes them green.

As proud recycling partner of X Games Aspen 2013, we invited everybody to
join our green movement. It’s easy. Here’s what you can do:

Recycle plastic

made with

Lighten your

Join your voice to ours.

Join the Repreve green movement and help us spread the word on Facebook.

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Repreve at X Games

As proud recycling partner of X Games Aspen 2013, we inspired millions of X Games fans to recycle more!

Elena Hight tours Repreve Recycling Center

See how green magic happens with our Repreve Ambassador.

Repreve. It’s what’s in it.

Do you know what’s in the products you use every day? Repreve is the eco-friendly ingredient that’s showing up in a lot of products lately—because it contains recycled materials, including plastic bottles we all recycle. It’s what makes things better for the planet. So it’s time you learned more. (And share with a friend.)