What Exactly Is REPREVE?

REPREVE is a brand of recycled fiber that is made from recycled materials, including used plastic bottles. Because it offsets the need to use new resources, such as petroleum, and emits fewer greenhouse gases, REPREVE helps provide a reprieve for the planet. As a leader in transforming recycled bottles into a quality textile fiber, REPREVE is the ingredient that makes your favorite brands sustainable.

Every bottle counts, Because it's what's in it!

  • 7

    7 plastic bottles can make a pair of Life Khaki pants.

  • 5

    It only takes 5 recycled plastic bottles to help make a t-shirt.

  • 42

    42 plastic bottles can help make seats in a Ford Fusion.

Look for our logo.

REPREVE is the recycled ingredient that's being used by many well-known, respected brands. It's what's helping these brands produce sustainable, eco-friendly products

630 Million

Plastic bottles reclaimed by REPREVE that helped save...

  • 3.8 Million

    Gallons of Gasoline

  • 1 Year of Drinking Water for

    52,313 People

  • 2,934 Acres

    of Pine Forest

Energy, water and greenhouse gas savings were determined by an independent firm using life cycle inventory (LCA) of the full manufacturing process compared to the same process for virgin fiber. Our approach is described as cradle-to-factory gate, which begins with an oil well for virgin or waste collection point for recycle and ending with chip, staple or yarn. Gas, water per person and pine forest numbers are based on equivalency information sourced primarily from the EPA.

Conserving our resources to help make a better world.

REPREVE. Made with transparency.

REPREVE recycled fiber is chosen by many well-known brands to support their corporate goals to offer authentic, sustainable product options. Companies and brands have proven their trust in our unique U Trust™ Verification system that ensures REPREVE fibers are made traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable. Each and every fiber has a proprietary signature called Fiberprint™. Through U Trust™ and Fiberprint™, products can be verified to contain REPREVE, in the right amounts and certified. This ensures that the brand can make reliable, recycled content claims, while protecting their reputation.