Our Unique Process

It started with one simple idea: to make REPREVE one of the most earth-friendly fabric ingredients in the world. It took us years to develop our proprietary process. Since then, we have transformed more than 10 billion* recycled bottles into REPREVE fiber—resulting in many amazing products consumers know and love.

*Lifecycle Impact data is based on REPREVE branded sales of chip, filament and fiber since the beginning of Unifi’s fiscal year 2008.


It starts with you! Remember to recycle.

Did you know 6 recycled plastic bottles makes a shirt? Also, 50 recycled plastic bottles makes a fleece jacket. Every year, millions of plastic bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills that impact our environment. These bottles will sit there for hundreds of years, as they will not disintegrate. So next time, make the smart throw and toss your plastic bottles in the recycle bin, not the trash can, so they can be recycled into something more.


From Bottles to fiber.

We are often asked, “How is this possible? Is it magic?” For us, it's fairly simple. Plastic bottles labeled with the #1 on the bottom are the same chemistry make-up as polyester, which is called PET, or technically known as polyethylene terephthalate. After years of development, we fine-tuned a proprietary process that allows us to transform PET bottle flakes into REPREVE fiber, which is then used in thousands of different fabrics and products available globally.


Make the smart choice.

Recycle. Look for the brands that are made with REPREVE! And be proud that your recycling efforts helped make them possible.

Start the cycle.


Less than 31% of plastic bottles are recycled in the U.S.

  • 83% China
  • 75% Japan
  • 48% W. Europe
  • 31% USA

What can you do?

Recycling matters...

Today, In the U.S., nearly 70% of our plastic bottles end up in landfills. This happens for many reasons, so here are a few tips on how you can improve recycling rates in your communities.

Want to find more resources related to the environment & recycling?

Every bottle that gets turned into REPREVE and made into a fleece jacket or a pair of khakis means a little less petroleum wasted. And a little less pollution. Below are some great recycling links: