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Recycling more than 25 billion plastic bottles!

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The Mattress, Evolved

At Brentwood Home, we’ve reimagined the luxury mattress. The innovative design of our Hybrid Latex Mattress is a rebuke to low-quality, landfill-bound mattresses made with extractive, environmentally damaging materials. This is an eco-smart alternative. Upcycled denim, flax seed pads, and REPREVE’s performance fibers from recycled water bottles create durable, soft, and breathable support materials where other brands use synthetic fibers. By harnessing the recycled, ocean-bound plastic bottles, the mattress reduces waste in our waterways while buoying its performance and longevity.

Brentwood Home Latex Hybrid Mattress

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A Comfortable Life Starts at Home

From our bedroom to our cities, to the planet we call home, taking care of the spaces we inhabit is the foundation of our well-being. At Brentwood Home, our products are handmade in our own certified organic California factory. We source many of the materials ourselves or from partners who exhibit the environmental and social responsibility practices that meet the Golden State standard.

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