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Made with REPREVE®

Helping Humanity Bag The Single-Use Habit

Our mission is to help humanity bag the single-use habit by advocating for waste reduction and designing the highest quality, longest lasting reusable bags. A lot goes into building a bag, and even more goes into building a bag made from recycled materials.

We needed to find a partner that was able to provide us the certainty we needed to feel good about producing products and marketing them as being made from recycled materials. We found our fiber supplier match in REPREVE.

Vita rePETe - Clarity

Vita rePETe - Serenity

Vita rePETe - Zen

Sling rePETe - Coral

Sling rePETe - Ocean

Sling rePETe - Storm

Bottle Sling rePETe - Amethyst

Bottle Sling rePETe - Aquamarine

Bottle Sling rePETe - Limestone

Travel Pack rePETe Jet - Black

Travel Pack rePETe - Poseidon

Travel Pack rePETe - Stormfront

Produce Stand Complete Starter Kit

Produce Stand Mini Complete Starter Kit

Produce Stand rePETe 3-Pack

Produce Stand rePETe Mesh 3-Pack

Snack Time rePETe

about ChicoBag

Change Is Now. Join The Reusable Movement.

Plastic pollution and marine debris are a serious and growing problem that is not going away without a global change in humanity's relationship with single-use plastics. ChicoBag started with an unforgettable reusable bag that was designed as a simple solution to combat single-use waste. It has since grown into a movement. At ChicoBag, we make bagging the single-use habit easy.

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