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The fashion industry is the second most-polluting industry in the world after oil. We have a responsibility as consumers—but more importantly, as fashion business owners to create products with the planet’s future at the centre of all our decisions: where we knit our fabrics, where we cut and sew, which ink and packaging we use, how we give employees good quality of life, how we make durable products—the list goes on and on. Choosing REPREVE is choosing to make a difference in the world. It’s not about making trendy choices, it’s about making life-long commitments that align with the health of Mother Earth and her living inhabitants.

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Powertop - Warrior

about ORAKI

Everything We Do Starts with Recycling

ORAKI is a brand that makes all its clothing from recycled plastic. We literally start our creation process with this question: What can be recycled? We offer a full range of yoga-, sports- and everyday-inspired apparel. Our priority is to offer perfect cuts and proven, high-quality fabrics. ORAKI’s products have the same features as all the major brands, but they are 100% eco-friendly. We manufacture our clothing in Canada, under very good conditions. Our minimal packaging is made from 100% recycled material. Lastly, we give a portion of our profits to needy children with birth defects at the Shriners Hospital and AQEPA, which helps hearing-impaired children.