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Recycling more than 10 billion plastic bottles and we're aiming for another 10 billion bottles by 2020!

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Made with REPREVE®

Ride the "green" wave.

This surf brand is making boardshorts green with REPREVE recycled fiber. As the original boardshort company, Quiksilver leads the way in innovation, and now uses REPREVE recycled fiber to enhance its game-changing performance boardshorts.

Highline Slab 20" Boardshort

Highline New Wave 20" Boardshort

Waterman Malama Bay 18" Boardshort

Waterman Wake Palm 20" Boardshort

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#TurnItGreen with a new boardshort made from recycled plastic.

Unifi says the AG47 Boardshort is the perfect fit for its #TurnItGreen initiative, which focuses on educating consumers about the importance of recycling and the cool products their recycled plastic bottles can create, thanks to REPREVE.

“REPREVE is committed to raising awareness about the importance of recycling, and we strive to align with companies that are equally dedicated to sustainability,” said Roger Berrier, President and COO of Unifi. “Thanks to Quiksilver and its new AG47 collection of boardshorts, we can show a new wave of individuals how choosing products made with REPREVE can have a positive impact on the environment.”

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