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Recycling more than 25 billion plastic bottles!

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A Brand. A Cause. A Wake-Up Call.

REORDER is an agent of change in the fashion industry producing consciously high-fashion garments to shed light upon urgent issues in our planet—with recycled yarns and inclusive labour. Capsule #1 EMOCEAN points a finger at plastic pollution in our oceans, and REPREVE plays a crucial part in giving stunning beachwear a deeper purpose.


Atlântico Top

Atlântico Bottom

Maiô Negro

Ártico Top

Ártico Bottom


It's Time to REORDER Fashion

We live in a timeless time. More than ever, it's critical to change, evolve, reinvent the way the industry does fashion. REORDER's purpose is to catalyze a change process that has already begun. With collaborations and alternatives, REORDER wants to put a stop to environmental threats. To preserve the present and ensure the future. After all, real luxury is to live in this planet for longer.