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We are The SegSea

SegSea is the story of the Seguin-Simard family who lives in Verchères, a village on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. "We spend the summer in beachwear. We are always ready to jump in the pool, do water sports and have friends for a BBQ. We love fashion and the way we dress must reflect our lifestyle, personalities and values."

Let's talk about values. Fashion is a polluting industry with, sometimes, a bad ethical reputation. We wanted to do our part to improve this image by founding an eco-friendly brand that is also socially responsible. SegSea is a brand of swimwear for men and boys designed from REPREVE recycled plastic bottles and manufactured by ethical and socially responsible manufacturers.

Short swim trunks – PAPAYA

Short swim trunks - MIAMI

Short swim trunks – LEOPARD

Short swim trunks – BLUE PEACOCK

Shirt SegSea – LEOPARD

Shirt SegSea – MIAMI

Boardshort – SEAME

Boardshort – PAPAYA

Boardshort – MIAMI

Boardshort – LEOPARD

Boardshort – BLUE PEACOCK

Kids boardshort – PAPAYA

Kids boardshort – MIAMI

Kids boardshort – LEOPARD

Kids boardshort – BLUE PEACOCK

Kids shirt – LEOPARD

Kids shirt – MIAMI

about SegSea

More than a brand, welcome in our community!

SegSea designs swimwear for travelers who have seen our rivers, lakes and oceans deteriorate and who wish to dress in an eco-responsible manner. It is also for sportsmen who want to be comfortable in swim trunks to practice all their activities. SegSea is also for fashion victims who want to turn heads at the beach. Furthermore, SegSea also creates father and son duos that will allow them to comfortably experience their moments of complicity.

SegSea is fashionable, ethical and eco-responsible swimwear that will allow you to enjoy unforgettable moments during your next vacation, your days around the pool or at the beach!

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