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Made with REPREVE®

Everyday Bags Made with Recycled Nylon

The Essentials collection was designed as the everyday bag for the everyday girl. The REPREVE recycled nylon fabric reflects Sherpani's outdoor instincts. Make a bold but casual statement with the modern color blocking, and feel original with the unique silhouettes.

Esprit - Flint

Esprit - Clear Skies

Esprit - Spring Meadow

Pica - Raven

Pica - Spring Meadow

Sadie - Birch

Sadie - Clear Skies

Sadie - Orchid

Sadie - Raven

Skye - Aloha

Skye - Flint

Skye - Raven

Zoe - Birch

Zoe - Flint

Zoe - Raven

Zoe 2.0 - Orchid

Zoe 2.0 - Flint

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Sustainable Choices

We believe the choices we make are just as important as the bags we make. At Sherpani we are doing the right thing everyday for our people and our planet. 100% of our Essentials collection is made from recycled materials. 100% of our fabrics are ethically sourced.

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