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We’re the whole sustainable package. Many sock companies have recognized the appeal of using sustainable fabrics. Some companies have opened sock factories in the USA. Others continue to make socks overseas focusing on design while sacrificing quality and social responsibility. We are proud to partner with Repreve and use their innovative, American made and recycled yarns as part of our commitment to sustainable, socially responsible practices and uncompromising excellence.

REPREVE® Cassette Tape 80s Socks

REPREVE® Piano Recycled Socks

REPREVE® Mexican Fun Socks

REPREVE® Alebrijes Socks

REPREVE® Toucan Recycled Socks

REPREVE® Bacon and Eggs Socks

REPREVE® Sanitizer Spray Funny Socks

REPREVE® Rosie the Riveter Socks

REPREVE® Seahorse Socks

REPREVE® Jellyfish Socks

REPREVE® Namaste Dog Socks

REPREVE® Baseball Socks


REPREVE® Mushroom Socks

REPREVE® Parrot Socks

REPREVE® Octopus Socks

REPREVE® Shark Socks

REPREVE® Vaccine Socks

REPREVE® Jobs Socks

REPREVE® Cat Socks

REPREVE® Dots Socks

REPREVE® Beetle Car Socks

REPREVE® Mismatched Bacon & Eggs Socks

REPREVE® Boombox Socks

REPREVE® Aztec Calendar Socks

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Sustainable Socks Today, Strides to a Better Tomorrow.

At Sleet & Sole, we make sustainable socks in the USA with highest quality eco-friendly fabrics, unsurpassed coziness, and unique designs you actually want to show off.

Because we work tirelessly and do everything ourselves from design to product development to manufacturing, we don’t have to compromise… and that means neither do you. Each pair of our fun, cozy, artistic and bold socks is designed and manufactured with love, care and attention to detail.

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