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SparkFire Active—Be the Spark!

SparkFire Active is performance activewear designed specially for Teen Girls to fit & flatter their developing bodies and to support life in motion. From working out to adventuring out, SparkFire Active helps girls move freely and feel strong so they're always ready to step off the sidelines, get into the game, and PLAY HARD, DREAM BIG!

Believing that today's girls are tomorrow's leaders, SparkFire knows that each of our small actions — a tiny spark — can make a BIG impact, igniting opportunity and empowerment for girls everywhere, starting with girls' education. For each SparkFire Active purchase, we donate 5% to our Girls' Education partner, Sacred Valley Project in Peru, funding educational scholarship, books, supplies, room and board, life-skills training, mentorship and more for these amazing girls. The impact is real & significant because every 500 shirts sold = a full year of education for one of our first-generation girl scholars. SPARK IT FORWARD! 

Free-Spirit Spark

Bold Spark

Kind Spark

Clever Spark

Creative Spark

Fierce Spark

Spark Stretch Headbands

about SparkFire Active

Created FOR Girls, BY Girls

SparkFire Girls are a force... of energy, voice, collective spirit and heart-felt camaraderie. We're bold. We're brave. We're fierce and fearless. We dare to be different and make a difference, powered by an inner fire that's bright enough to illuminate the path of others.

SparkFire Girls are real girls. No two SparkFire Girls are identical—in body, mind or spirit—but we share collective energy that connects us to the bigger SparkFire Tribe. We all have a story to tell and others to share it with. Not perfect or beautiful like the image of someone else; just real, special, and authentically YOU-nique like each of us. SparkFire Active celebrates and encourages girls to be exactly who they are, today and every day.

SparkFire is a Girl-Powered business, so everything we design, make and run is created BY and FOR SparkFire Girls. Beyond all else, SparkFire is passionate about and deeply committed to helping girls grow strong, confident and bold in knowing her strength, owning her power, and using her voice to help elevate today's girls to become tomorrow's leaders.

We are SparkFire Girls and we're ready to ignite. Let's get out there and move, play, lead, create, share, inspire, smile... and BE THE SPARK!

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