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Fighting The War On Waste

At Teddy Locks we have a simple mission – fight the war on waste.

That’s why we create our socks as collections, and not as conventional pairs. By designing multiple coordinating socks, we avoid lonely, unmatched socks from being tossed in the trash – therefore reducing the amount of textiles ending up in landfill while also increasing the lifespan of the socks in your drawer.

But we aren’t just reducing waste, we are reusing it too - by making Teddy Locks socks with REPREVE recycled fibers. Transformed from plastic bottles into our own specialized yarns in North Carolina, we create sustainable socks that are literally trash!

The Crusade Set

The Odyssey Set

The Kingdom Set

The Dynasty Set

Air Crusade Duo

Air Odyssey Duo

Sea Crusade Duo

Sea Odyssey Duo

Land Kingdom Duo

Land Dynasty Duo

Sea Kingdom Duo

Sea Dynasty Duo

Lavender Rib Quarter Set

Lavender Polka Dot Slouch Set

Yellow Crew Set

Charcoal Low Set

Grey Low Sock Set

White Low Sock Set

Yellow Low Sock Set

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Lower Your Footprint

Spun, dyed, knit and finished by local, family run businesses in North Carolina our socks are 100% American Made. In fact, from fiber to finishing our socks travel less than 250 miles in production.

But that’s not all - by working directly with our supply chain we can guarantee that our socks are knit on green certified machines, finished without detergents and are packaged and shipped using only 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

We believe in setting these high ethical and environmental standards, and putting the planet and people before profit, so that we can all lower our footprints.

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