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Comfortable, Functional, Funky & Stylish

For people who want to do anything at anytime and look dope. We push the boundaries of creativity and functionality. Our cuts are sleek and stylish designed with the fit, funky, active human in mind that wants to express themselves. We believe that humans are walking canvasses and we create clothing to allow them to wear their insides on the outside.

Sommerfugl Pant

Sommerfugl Jacket

Simple Resilience Pant

Simple Resilience Jacket

about Yoggx

FunkTional Clothing for the Rad and Adventurous Human

Yöggx are the ultimate FunkTional lifestyle necessity for the adventurous, stylish, conscious, advanced being who wants to do anything at any time and look dope. For everyone that has told you no, well, #NowYouCan. Permission granted :)

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