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Recycling more than 25 billion plastic bottles!

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Focused on the future.

Since 2010, we've been making bracelets that uplift and encourage no matter where you are. Repreve lets us add one more piece to that beautiful goal: Impact. Every ZOX made now uses one eight-ounce water bottle that would have otherwise been in a landfill. With only 8% of plastics being recycled even once globally, we're determined to change the world's view on sustainability, making an impact on both hearts and homes.

You Are Enough

Today I Will Not Worry

Believe In Yourself

You Got This

Just Breathe

You Are My Sunshine

Progress Not Perfection

Love Wins

Never Give Up

Stronger With Every Struggle

You're Not Alone

You Will Get Through This

Not Today Satan


Your Life Matters

Love You To The Moon

Until We Meet Again

My Story Isn't Finished

Prove Them Wrong

One Step At A Time

about ZOX

Changing the world with kind words.

We believe change can only occur when someone is brave enough to look outside the box, to challenge the status quo in hopes of a better tomorrow. In 2010, we started making these little bracelets at our parents kitchen table using strips of elastic and paint markers. Now, nearly 10 years later, ZOX are collected in over 175 countries around the world all because of one simple idea: Words of encouragement are best when they're always in front of you. By taking the concept of encouragement you'd get from a greeting card and making it something you'd actually want to keep, wear and share with others, we're all in on changing this beautiful planet for the better. 

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