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Recycling more than 10 billion plastic bottles and we're aiming for another 10 billion bottles by 2020!

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Brand Partner Winners

Textile Partner Winners

Special Award Winners

Partners in Innovation

For using REPREVE in a way that's unique to the market.

Circular Economy Award

For best-in-class closed loop, eliminating waste throughout a product life cycle.

Newcomer Award

For making a strong start in using REPREVE in the past year.

All-In Award

For integrating REPREVE extensively into product lines from the start.

Even the awards
are recycled.

Each custom-crafted trophy is made of recycled glass on a base of recycled aluminum and reclaimed wood. The trophies are blown by hand at The Olio, a nonprofit studio and social enterprise based in Winston-Salem, NC, that focuses on empowering teens and young adults through entrepreneurship, glassblowing, art and sustainable solutions.

Helping every brand
make sustainable choices.

Our passion is developing sustainable performance fiber solutions that are made into products you can feel good about wearing, using and buying. We’re excited to announce our REPREVE Champions of Sustainability awards, to recognize brand, retail and textile partners who have reached their own water bottle recycling milestones by using REPREVE.

So far, these partners have helped us recycle more than 10 billion bottles. We’re proud to honor companies that exemplify such leadership in sustainability, and we look forward to recognizing even more companies as we work toward our goal of recycling 30 billion bottles by 2022.

Together, we can partner to protect the earth for years to come.

Kevin Hall, CEO of Unifi, Inc.

“More than 70 percent of plastic bottles in the United States end up in a landfill. By creating these awards, we hope to inspire designers, customers and consumers to continue to invest in sustainability. Together, we can make everyday life better by transforming recycled plastic bottles into the products consumers use every day.”

Kevin Hall
Chief Executive Officer
Unifi, Inc., maker of REPREVE

Since 2008, REPREVE has transformed more than 13 billion recycled plastic bottles into recycled fibers. Your recycling makes good things happen!

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