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  Photo by: Heather Hazzan

Top Designer Leads the Change to Sustainability

Mara Hoffman receives REPREVE award
at New York Fashion Week 2019

Designer Mara Hoffman is known for making her clothing beautiful inside and out. At New York Fashion Week Spring 2019, she was celebrated as a REPREVE® Champion of Sustainability at an exclusive reception and named our first-ever Leading the Change award winner. Hoffman is recognized for being a sustainability advocate—and for her brand's part in helping us recycle 20 billion bottles, by using REPREVE!

Mindful Designs


Many of Mara Hoffman's bestselling swimwear pieces are made with REPREVE, which helps protect our land and our oceans from plastic bottle waste. Her brand listens closely to a growing fan base: ”We want our consumers to be inspired and to experience beauty, creativity and power. We lead with emotional connection and that makes it our responsibility to offer suits that are made with recycled materials.“ said Hoffman. The brand hopes to make consumers more mindful and help evolve the relationship society has with clothing.

  Photo by: Daniel Rampulla

Making Sustainability Beautiful


Of course, when you're a leader, Hoffman knows that there's always more to do. ”The further down the path we are, the more we realize that we are always doing the work. The work is never finished, as there is always so much further to go.“ We thank Mara for her leadership and courage, and encourage you, too, to support brands that are true champions of sustainability.

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Recycling, Refined.

How Does It Work?

Bottles are brought to the REPREVE Bottle Processing Center in North Carolina, where they're cleaned and chopped into flake. The flake then travels to the REPREVE Recycle Center where it's melted into chip, extruded and spun into durable and reliable fiber. Performance technologies, like moisture-wicking and odor control, can be added to the finished fiber to make fashion more functional, more comfortable and easier to care for.

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Brilliant Branding

Progressive Partnerships

We've recycled more than 20 billion plastic bottles, thanks to our forward-thinking partnerships. Fashion's hottest retailers and designers, like Lane Bryant and Mara Hoffman, work with us to make their designs sustainable and kind to the planet.

Brands Using REPREVE Brands Using REPREVE

Since 2007, REPREVE has transformed more than 25 billion recycled plastic bottles into recycled fibers. Your recycling makes good things happen!

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