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Apr 6, 2018

Designer Tracy Reese Creates "Flint Fit" Collection Using Bottles From Flint Crisis

Clothing made out of recycled plastic bottles? It’s more common than you think. Just look at brands like Adidas and H&M. Apparel from recycled plastic bottles has even made its way to London Fashion Week. Now, the concept is being used as both a tool for environmental awareness and an agent of change.

Fashion designer Tracy Reese has teamed up with conceptual artist Mel Chin to create Flint Fit, a capsule collection that’s got a unique backstory. The fabrics used for the collection are actually the byproducts of thousands of empty water bottles from Flint, Michigan.

Since 2014, thousands of residents in Flint haven’t had clean drinking water. According to Newsweek, the state of Michigan is still spending more than $22,000 per day on bottled water for Flint. And while media attention for the Flint water crisis has dwindled in recent years, Reese and Chen have found a creative way to get it back into the national conversation. Flint residents gathered 90,000 empty water bottles to create the Flint Fit collection. Those bottles were then transported to Greensboro, North Carolina, where they were transformed into REPREVE fiber by textile manufacturer Unifi and then sent to their mill partners to be turned into fabric.

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