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Aug 14, 2017

FINCH Designs, Made With REPREVE, Awarded Seal of Approval by Project JUST

FINCH Designs, a swimwear brand using REPREVE recycled fiber in its products, is a new recipient of the Project JUST Seal of Approval. FINCH Designs is the first-ever China-based brand to receive the distinction, which is based upon the company’s commitment to transparency and building a sustainable supply chain. FINCH Designs is one of only three brands to win the Seal of Approval in the swimwear category, out of more than 115 nominations.

A significant player in FINCH Designs’ supply chain is Unifi Manufacturing, Inc., a company that transforms recycled plastic bottles into a fiber called REPREVE. REPREVE is traceable and certified through Unifi’s proprietary U TRUST™ verification program. U TRUST is a comprehensive certification program that is designed to provide REPREVE customers with an increased level of transparency. As part of the U TRUST program, Unifi incorporates FIBERPRINT™ technology, a unique tool that allows a third party to analyze fabrics for the FIBERPRINT signature, which Unifi then uses to certify the level of REPREVE content.

Project JUST’s Seal of Approval is based upon extensive research into the brand’s environmental and social practices. In addition, Project JUST considers availability, accessibility (size and price), quality and aesthetic.

“FINCH identifies with the slow-fashion movement and repeats 85 percent of its prints and styles year after year to encourage timeless, responsible purchasing. We design all of our signature prints in-house, and work only with manufacturing partners that share our core values of social and environmentally responsible production,” said Itee Soni, FINCH co-founder.

Since launching swimwear made from REPREVE fiber in 2013, FINCH has rapidly established partnerships with some of the most luxurious names in travel, including Six Senses, W Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt and Naked eco-resorts.

“When we began, we were looking for a supplier that understood our mandate of providing a transparent supply chain to our customers,” added Heather Kaye, FINCH co-founder. “We found that commitment in our collaboration with Unifi; and through the use of REPREVE, they were able to help us create a high-quality product for the good of our consumers and the environment.”

Having launched men’s and boys’ REPREVE recycled swim trunks in addition to the women’s and girls’ categories, FINCH is essentially a one-stop shop for eco-swimwear. In addition to being environmentally responsible and stylish, FINCH swimwear is also high-performing, as each item offers protection from the sun with a UPF rating of at least 50.

“We’re proud to support FINCH as they receive this well-” said Jay Hertwig, vice president of global brand/Premium Value-Added (PVA) sales for Unifi. “FINCH creates swimwear for the whole family that is fashionable, functional and earth-friendly.”