Turning recycled bottles into cool products sold by your favorite brands

Working with many of the world's most respected brands

The Big Picture

Do you know what's in the products you use everyday? Look at your labels. If a shirt, jacket, or even a pair of boardshorts says “made from recycled materials,” it could be made with REPREVE. As a leading producer of recycled fibers, REPREVE transforms recycled plastic bottles into amazing products you use and wear everyday. You can help us #TURNITGREEN by recycling your used plastic bottles.

Recycling plastic bottles can make a big difference. Since 2008, REPREVE has transformed more than 10 billion* plastic bottles that have been recycled by you to make recycled fibers. Here's how we do it.

*Lifecycle Impact data is based on REPREVE branded sales of chip, filament and fiber since the beginning of Unifi’s fiscal year 2008.

Partnering with Sports and Entertainment Organizations to #TURNITGREEN

See how we engage and activate with consumers by educating on how REPREVE can transform recycled bottles into great products.

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Together, we can spread the word about what can be made with plastic bottles when recycled. Imagine all the potential uses for that recycled plastic bottle! Share on Twitter how you #TURNITGREEN!

Made by Unifi

REPREVE is made by Unifi, Inc. a publicly held (UFI; NYSE) Company. As an Americas based company, Unifi is headquartered in North Carolina and has manufacturing locations throughout the state. The Company also offers REPREVE globally, including Central America, China, South America, Canada and Europe. REPREVE is unlike any other recycled fiber due to the level of product transparency it offers.

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Our Fabric Library

If you're a designer, buyer, or manufacturer looking for recycled textiles, visit our Fabric Library to find textiles containing REPREVE recycled fiber. Our library of textiles makes it easy for you to research eco-friendly fabrics from a variety of suppliers, create a swatch book, and apply for REPREVE fabric certification with Unifi.

Fabric Library