The thread that binds us.

From plastic bottle to breathable running shoe, REPREVE® is the common thread.

The hidden talent in your textiles.

We transform plastic bottles into certifiable, traceable, high-performance yarn. The contents of your recycling bin become thermo-regulating pants for hikers, moisture-wicking apparel for athletes, odor control tees for teens, fire-resistant sofas for loungers, and water-repellant phone cases for accident-prone environmentalists.

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Step 1

Source recycled waste.

Recycled bottles and post-industrial waste (including our own) are collected worldwide.

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Step 2

Clean and flake.

Waste material is chopped, ground, washed, and turned into flake to remove contaminants.

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Step 3

Make the Resin.

Waste flake is melted and reformulated into high-quality REPREVE® resin.

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Step 4

Form the fiber.

Resin is melted into liquid polymer and extruded to form fiber. From there, it is spun and air-jet textured into yarn.

Planet Power

We have sustainably-focused facilities all over the world. If we can’t find a solution to a problem, we invent one.

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Our yarn has its own DNA.

Every strand of REPREVE® is embedded with FiberPrint®, a proprietary tracer technology. This means, like human DNA, we know a product’s origins and can verify it with our U Trust™ certification.

Discover End Uses

REPREVE® is sourced, manufactured and sold in every major textile region in the world. It’s the essential ingredient in many sustainable products.

  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Home Furnishings
  • Industrial
  • Automotive


Waste not, want not - choose sustainability whatever textile is required.









Globally-trusted, sustainable fiber.

REPREVE® is transparent, traceable and certified.

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Global recycled standard
Certified recycled content
Higg index
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Ocean cycle

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