Keeping plastic bottles out of our oceans.

REPREVE Our Ocean® is a premium collection of fiber and resin sourced from bottles at high risk of entering the ocean.

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Made with Ocean-Bound Plastic Bottles.

People around the globe are asking: How can we save our oceans from plastic pollution? We listened and came up with a meaningful way to address the problem head-on.

Ocean Pollution Crisis

By 2050, if nothing changes, plastic in the ocean will outnumber fish*.

Eight million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year*. About 80% of garbage falls into the ocean from the coast and most ocean plastic cannot be recycled*. We took the problem back to the root cause to find a solution.

*Sources cited.

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Plastic bottles are collected from areas within 50 km of coastlines that do not have a formal waste or recycling system.

REPREVE Our Ocean Bottle

REPREVE Our Ocean® Steps

Taking plastic bottles from coast to yarn.

Community collection is followed by bottle certification through an independent third-party organization. Next the bottles go through our proprietary REPREVE® recycling process with addition of our FiberPrint® tracer technology and U-Trust® certification. 

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Our Ocean Partner

Certified by OceanCycle.

OceanCycle is a social enterprise focused on preventing ocean plastic pollution and improving livelihoods in coastal communities through certification and direct social interventions.

Brands Using REPREVE Our Ocean®

Meet the brands helping protect a critical eco-system.

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