We are earth optimists.

We see opportunity in mistakes, possibility in failure, and hope in dark places (like the bottom of your recycling bin).

Our Sustainability Impact

We’ve been at the forefront of sustainable innovation for decades, hoping to make a small impact. That’s because our goal is to be light with our footprint and frugal with resources.

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A Circular Economy

Regenerative by design.

Keeping materials and products in circulation for as long as possible helps eliminate both waste and resource-intensive virgin production. A circular economy is a new framework for earth and we’re collaborating with leading organizations to get the cogs turning.

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Champions of Sustainability

Our partners are extraordinary leaders who inspire other businesses to be good stewards of our planet and future.

Behind the scenes at REPREVE®.

We look at every decision through the lens of our three core goals: reducing our own environmental impact, mainstreaming sustainable fiber, and being useful to the planet. If we’re happy we checked those boxes, then we greenlight a plan.

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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

We are a leading innovator in sustainable technology development.

Our collaboration with Oerlikon Barmag on the eAFK EvoCooler technology has reduced the energy required to texture our yarn. REPREVE® SmartDye™ and WaterWise™, both proprietary innovations, have reduced the amount of water and energy used in the dye process. Our flagship manufacturing site in Yadkinville, North Carolina, features our solar farm.

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Mainstreaming Sustainable Fiber

We don’t just make REPREVE®, we help educate about sustainable textiles.

REPREVE® is made with less carbon, using non-toxic products. It reduces global warming potential compared to conventional virgin polyester. We empower brands and consumers to take a positive step. Our US-wide, mobile education tour helps encourage planet-healthy behavior.

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Are We Being Useful To The Planet?

Our approach is built on transparency and fueled by the desire to be helpful.

How we do business, who we hire and how we grow are focused on what’s good for tomorrow. When it comes to figuring out the future of our planet, we’re optimistic collaborators, honest sharers and passionate believers.

Our Promising Partnerships

Texttile exchange
Southern textile association
Accelerating circularity

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