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About Us

We are textile scientists, fiber engineers, responsible chemists, and nerds - earth nerds.

Launched in 2007, REPREVE® is the global leader in recycled performance fibers.

REPREVE® has transformed billions of recycled plastic bottles into sustainable polyester. Using cutting-edge textile technology, REPREVE® delivers better comfort, durability and functionality. Trusted by brands worldwide to power their sustainable commitments, it is the only traceable and certifiable eco-performance polyester.

REPREVE® is wholly owned by Unifi, Inc. one of the world’s leading textile manufacturing innovators. Unifi owns and operates vertically integrated, large-scale manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and major textile regions globally. Unifi operates with a foundational commitment to ethical and sustainable practices that are consistent throughout its supply chain.

Find out more about UNIFI® here.

Always be useful.

We are optimistic, problem-solving makers of things. That means working in useful ways and being of use to our planet. It’s about figuring out tomorrow but also factoring in yesterday.

Being useful feels fantastic – join in!

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REPREVE® started life 20 years ago as waste, spat out of a yarn machine.

Because we believe there’s a use for everything, a bright spark asked, ‘What if we could make fiber waste back into fiber?’. This started our journey of seeing waste as a resource, a resource in the wrong place but one with tons of possibility.

In addition to making use of manufacturing waste, we turned our attention to consumer waste – the plastic bottles that clog up landfills and bob in our oceans.

Two decades and over 40 billion recycled bottles later, we're still trying to be useful. Because by helping people take a step, we are building good habits. Yesterday’s recycled bottle, today’s sustainable tee, tomorrow’s bigger actions.

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Our Business Principals

Be transparent.
Be honest.
Do the right thing.

We’re here to pay it backwards.

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