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REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability

Celebrating 30 Billion Bottles Recycled

Congratulations to our newest winners! Our Champions of Sustainability represent brands, retailers and textile partners who keep billions of plastic bottles out of the waste stream by using REPREVE recycled fiber. When we first developed REPREVE, we could not imagine its exponential growth. It is now a global force that reduces plastic pollution and helps to preserve natural resources by requiring less petroleum, energy and water to produce.

But none of this could have been achieved without our partners' commitment to sustainability. We applaud our winners for taking this journey with us and expanding it. Please join us in celebrating our newest Champions of Sustainability.

The Ultimate Accomplishment

Billion Bottle Circle

What does a billion bottles look like? If you place plastic bottles end to end, they would circle the Earth five times. That's why the Billion Bottle Circle is our most prestigious award. The winners are:

• Nike
• Polartec
• Target
• Texhong Textile Group Limited
• Walmart

We thank these partners for their dedication to the environment. They are extraordinary leaders who inspire other businesses to be good stewards of our planet and our future.

Billion Bottle Winners
1+ Billion Bottles Recycled

Brand and Retailer Winners
10+ Million to 1 Billion Bottles Recycled

Textile Partner Winners
50+ Million to 200+ Million Bottles Recycled

Special Category Winners

Special Recognition Award

Mavi, a Turkey-based international denim brand with a focus on sustainability.

Newcomer Award

Jiaxing Xinran Textile Co., LTD, a China-based company that has incorporated REPREVE in spandex-covered yarns.

Partners in Innovation Award

Lucky Textile Mills Limited, a China-based textile mill that has created sustainable fabrics that perform in both hot and cold weather using REPREVE TruTemp365®.

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