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Recycling more than 15 billion plastic bottles, and we're aiming for 20 billion bottles by 2020!

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Celebrating 15 Billion
Bottles Recycled

2018 REPREVE Champions of Sustainability

Congratulations to this year's winners! These brands, retailers and textile partners help keep billions of plastic bottles out of our waste stream—by using REPREVE recycled performance fiber. REPREVE helps all of us protect our land, oceans, air and natural resources—keeping bottles out of landfills and ocean-bound waste streams, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing petroleum use, and conserving water and other precious natural materials.

Are you a champion of sustainability? Let's all support these brands who are leading the way. For the good of tomorrow.

Did Your Favorite Brand Win?

How Much Is A Billion?

This year, three winners made our Billion Bottle Circle. That means they have each used enough REPREVE to recycle one billion or more bottles. Yes, that's a lot of bottles. Enough to go around the planet five times, if you laid them end to end. Although we'd rather put them right in the recycling bin, wouldn't you? Congratulations to our Billion Bottle Circle winners. Let's keep it up!

Billion Bottle Winners
1+ Billion Bottles Recycled

Brand and Retailer Winners
10 Million to 1+ Billion Bottles Recycled

Textile Partner Winners
50 to 200+ Million Bottles Recycled

Special Category Winners

Partners in Innovation Award

For using REPREVE in a way that's unique to the market.

Circular Economy Award

For best-in-class closed loop, eliminating waste throughout a product life cycle.

Newcomer Award

For making a strong start in using REPREVE in the past year.

All-In Award

For integrating REPREVE extensively into product lines from the start.

New! Leading the Change Award

For being an advocate for sustainability while using REPREVE.

Our Commitment Keeps Growing

Every Champion of Sustainability is a partner that shows its commitment by walking the talk. In our second year, we added 18 new winners, proof that the textile industry's commitment to sustainability keeps growing. Even the trophy is sustainable, made with recycled glass and aluminum and repurposed wood. The trophies are handmade by the Olio, a local social enterprise that empowers teens and young adults through entrepreneurship, glassblowing, art and sustainable solutions.

Since 2007, REPREVE has transformed more than 15 billion recycled plastic bottles into recycled fibers. Your recycling makes good things happen!

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