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Recycling more than 25 billion plastic bottles!

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Feel Good About How You Cool

Happy Earth. Happy you. Through its REPREVE collection, Igloo is transforming recycled plastic into softside coolers that’ll make your next outing more enjoyable than ever. Each style repurposes 9–19 plastic bottles that would’ve otherwise ended up in the landfill or ocean. REPREVE makes recycling cooler than ever.

36 Can Backpack – Black

36 Can Backpack – Cherry

36 Can Backpack – Jade

Avery Tote – Black

Avery Tote – Cherry

Avery Tote – Jade

Lily Lunch Bag – Black

Lily Lunch Bag – Cherry

Lily Lunch Bag – Jade

Lunch Pail – Black

Lunch Pail – Cherry

Lunch Pail – Jade

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Achieving Sustainability Goals Through ECOCOOL

As leaders in the cooler industry, Igloo pledges to be ever evolving and find new ways to lower their impact on the planet. Every product and material in Igloo’s ECOCOOL product assortment is made with biodegradable, recycled or low environmental-impact properties. This is the mindset of the future of Igloo’s business. And by making REPREVE your go-to cooler bag, you’ll help Igloo reach its goal to recycle one million plastic bottles by 2022, move all its fabric to recycled materials by 2023 and become the most environmentally friendly cooler company on earth!

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