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Recycling more than 25 billion plastic bottles!

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Protect What You Love

With one million plastic bottles per minute being sold around the globe and only 9% recycled, we share REPREVE's mission of capturing these valuable resources and giving them new life.

From day one, Loop swim has partnered with REPREVE to transform post-consumer use plastic bottles into phenomenal UPF50+ sun protective swimwear for women, men and kids—and now we'll even be able to recycle your old Loop swimsuits. REPREVE is an essential part of our mission to deliver transparency to our customers and close the loop on waste throughout the life of your swimsuit.

Together, we can protect what we love.

Loop Bikini Top - Noir

Loop Bikini Top - Art Deco

Loop Bikini Top - Coral

Loop Bikini Top - Ginkgo

Loop Bikini Top - Sapphire

Loop Bikini Top - Oceania

Loop Bikini Top - Living Coral

Loop Bikini Top - Coral Deco

Loop Bikini Top - Neo

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Noir

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Ginkgo

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Art Deco

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Coral

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Neo

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Sapphire

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Oceania

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Living Coral

Keep It Brief Bikini Bottom - Coral Deco

Rashie - Oceania

Rashie - Coral Deco

Rashie - Living Coral

Fernanda - Oceania

Fernanda - Living Coral

about Loop Swim

By the time the Loop founders met in Shanghai, China in 2008 they were both fed up with the unnecessary waste they saw being generated first-hand by the fashion industry. Devoted women’s apparel designers from New Delhi and New York City, both women are passionate about fashion, and the intricate, human process of making clothing. But after years behind the scenes at factories all around Asia, they decided to start their own brand focusing on eliminating supply chain waste, and making only ethically and sustainably sourced apparel.

The Loop founders partnered with REPREVE to develop our signature knit and woven swimwear fabrics, which hold bright colors and elasticity throughout summers and vacations swimming in pools and oceans. Loop swimsuits are made exclusively from REPREVE, which has a dynamic interface to educate our customers on the recycling process and is the only rPET yarn with a tracer agent ensuring a transparent supply chain of post-consumer use plastic bottles.

With 800 million beach destined travelers and 5 million cases of skin cancer annually, we love that our UPF50+ sun protective rashies have the added bonus of blocking out 98% of UVA and UVB rays with no added chemicals.

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